Phone Systems

Powerful, simple, and cost effective phone solutions for your office or business.

OnSip Hosted PBX

Save Money, and Improve Your Phone Service.

Low Cost, High Quality Enterprise Features

A growing office will find itself in need of more powerful phone services the larger it gets. Features such as automated attendant menus, call recording, and simple extension management and transferring. We at Accomplitech are proud partners with OnSIP, and we can upgrade your regular phone system to a more powerful solution, giving you state of the art enterprise features, while saving you money on your monthly phone bill. OnSIP is a pay-as-you-go phone service, meaning you will only pay for the features you need, and you can mix and match any features you want to create your own personalized phone service, while saving money.

Have Your Office Phone Anywhere

Your Cell Phone and Your Desk Phone Are the Same

One of the benefits of switching to our OnSIP Hosted phone system is the ability to not only extend your phone system to one phone number for multiple office locations, including extensions for different parties, but the ability to add your cell phone as part of your phone network. If you find yourself frequently needing to take work calls while away from your office, we can save you money by setting you up an extension in your work network for your cell phone.

Attendant Menus

Press 1 for Customer Service

You may have clients calling in on one line, clogging up that line while they attempt to reach a particular department or extension. With OnSIP's attendant menu features, you can set up a personalized recording of menu options, and we can program those options to transfer a client to any department or extension that they are looking for.

Call Recording

Keep Good Records

With OnSIP VoIP phone systems, you can record any phone calls made to or from your office, for quality control and liability reasons. You won't ever need to wonder how a particular phone call went if issues arise from it, you'll be able to pull up the recordings with ease and figure it out.

Caller Queues and Transferring to Extensions

Running a Call Center

If you have multiple people calling in at once, rather than booting any late callers off the line, they can simply be added to a queue with OnSIP's phone service. Not only that, but the queue will be visible for anyone in the department the queue is for who has a phone model that supports call waiting queues, and you can transfer someone in the queue to another extension with ease.

Below are some of the VoIP phone models we support and deploy.

Supported Model 1
Supported Model 2
Supported Model 3
Supported Model 4