Looking for a better and less costly phone system?

We provide modern and cost effective networked phone systems via hosted “Voice over IP” (VoIP) services using the OnSIP hosted platform. Our modern solution uses an internet connection to handle all calling and phone system management. Say goodbye to your current service provider; Say hello to a mobile and modern solution with all of the enterprise/commercial features you expect for your business phones!

A wide selection of phone hardware for any office or mobility solution!

Save BIG
Many businesses feel trapped with their current phone provider or they have an expensive and out-dated old style PBX. Sussex County VoIP can outfit your operation with new and modern phone system for less than most other providers. You will slash monthly costs while increasing your productivity and modernizing your desktop.

Enterprise Features
With a stable network and great internet service, your business can leverage all the benefits of a Voice of IP (VoIP) system has the corporate style features you need for your business. Keep your existing numbers, extensions, have dedicated voicemail, voicemail to email, attendant menus, 800 numbers, business hours routing, on-hold music, busy indicators and much more.

Ultimate Mobility
One of the benefits of switching to our hosted phone system is the ability to extend your phone system across office locations. There is ultimate mobility with simultaneous ring and the ability to add your cell phone as part of the network. If you find yourself frequently needing to take work calls while away from your office, simply get another VoIP phone at your home office.

Modern Phone Options
Desktop Phones, Touch Screen Phones, Reception Phones with Side Cars, Cordless Phones (DECT), Executive Phones

Enterprise Features
Free-Busy Indicators, Voicemail, Forwarding, 800 Numbers, Conference Calling, Video Calling, Transfer Calls, Voicemail to Email, Much More

Auto Attendant Menu
Auto Attendants allow you to set up a touch-tone menu for your callers. For example, you can play a message to allow the caller to press 1 for the Sales department, 2 for the Support department, etc.

Group Ring Options
Use groups to efficiently handle calls among a team or department. Set a group ring strategy for your sales team so calls can be managed across the whole team. Your leads will never reach a voice mailbox again.