Network Services

Keeping your business online.

Network Stability

Businesses of all sizes are becoming increasingly dependent on the internet for day to day operations. Point of Sale systems, e-mail, and the rise of cloud services mean that if your network goes down, your business is in a holding pattern until it's back up. We can help you keep your network stable by upgrading you to industry-standard technology, with improved routers, modems, and firewalls, to keep your business and network running smooth all the time.

Network Security

Cyber security is very important, with people all over the globe trying to break into the network of businesses all over and compromise client payment info and businesses account information. All it takes is one slip up and one exploit and entire businesses can be compromised. We can get your business network up to code with all current Network Security best practices, to ensure that you won't be compromised by malware and lose sensitive data.

Extending Your Network (VPN)

Sometimes your business spans multiple offices over many towns and areas, but you want to keep data easily shareable between any employees on a file server. Your business may require you to have access to work files from a work laptop you bring home. We can help you set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to bridge your servers and data across any distance, to any location, and keep it secure.