Need IT Assistance?
We are available to provide onsite or remote assistance nearly any business day during normal business hours. We do observe all national holidays but, if you have an IT emergency, then we will do our best to resolve the problem during off-hours. Often in the world of IT support, much of the maintenance work we conduct is off-hours to avoid business disruption so don’t hesitate to contact us, leave a message and we will get back to you very soon.

Example of our typically service levels and how to reach Accomplitech for IT Support Assistance

Please use the options above or simply complete the contact form at the bottom of the homepage. Typically its best to call us at 1-973-579-1121. Please leave a message if your call is not answered because that message will be sent to all employees who will promptly contact you as soon as possible. Thank you!

Looking for Remote Support?
We use TeamViewer 12 for secure remote access to your devices. All communications are secure and encrypted. With TeamViewer 12 you are in control of who has access to remote control your computer. You may also enjoy the fact that you will be able to remote control your computer yourself which is beneficial if you are away from the office. In many cases, especially for established clients, Accomplitech LLC has unattended access to remote control the computer for the sake of expediency and for off-hours support. However, as per our Privacy Policy, we keep your information private, confidential and never share data outside of Accomplitech LLC. Internally at Accomplitech LLC, we use encrypted web-services, encrypted devices, and dual-factor authentication. Please visit our security page for some pointers on how to adopt these best practices to keep your data safe and secure.

Download TeamViewer 12 for Windows Operating Systems

Installation Instructions:
1) Download the TeamViewer Installation
2) Run/Open the File (Can be Found in your Downloads Folder)
3) When Prompted, Select the Options Noted in the Picture Below
4) Click Next and Complete the Installation
5) Close Any Pop-Ups or Advertisements; You are not required to Sign-Up or Register

Simple and Non-Commercial Setup (Typically for One-Time Support Requests)
Note: Accomplitech Owns TeamViewer Licenses

Connection Instructions:
1) Open TeamViewer from the Start Menu or your Desktop
2) Provide the “YOUR ID” Number to the Accomplitech Support Rep
3) When Asked then Provide the “PASSWORD” to the Accomplitech Support Rep

Note: The password changes upon every reboot. You can also setup your own password by selecting “Extras” then “Options”. We strongly encourage the use of Dual-Factor Authentication wherever this is possible for any of your online accounts!

Example of the TeamViewer App with ID and Password
TeamViewer requires that the computer has access to the internet.