About our Technical Documentation
For many businesses, technical documentation is extremely important when considering business continuity. If you tech provider is unavailable or you need remote assistance, then having the necessary information about your computer/network system is critical to maintaining and restoring the environment. Documentation is the framework for continued improvements, planning and changes. Efficient support is also dependent on the technical partner understanding the network systems prior to starting the support process.

It’s plain and simple: Without technical documentation the business is at risk.


Example: First Level Network Diagram for Multi-Site Business

First Level Network Diagram Illustrating Basic Connectivity Overview


Example: Second Level Connectivity Diagram for a Single Site

Second Level Network Diagram Illustrating Basic Connectivity for All Site Devices

Example: Example of Minimum WIFI Documentation and Guidelines
It most scenarios the best practice is to no provide GUEST WIFI as this could lead to bandwidth connectivity issues. If GUEST WIFI is required then the network should be configured in a way to fully isolate all GUEST traffic from the business network to ensure that company information can not be accessed by GUESTS. In addition, it is important to add bandwidth consumption rules to the GUEST WIFI network to ensure that guests can not consume the internet connection which would result in poor performance for the business network. Lastly, its important to remember that your company is liable for guests conducting illegal actions on your GUEST WIFI network which may result in being contacted by service providers and/or authorities (I.e. – downloading copyrighted content).

Minimal Example of WIFI Documentation for a Small Office Location

More Information about Networking & Tech Documentation:
There is all sorts of documentation for different situations. This could be documentation for your Office 365 Implementation, Active Directory Configuration, SharePoint configuration, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Accounting Software, Access and Data Flows to Sensitive Company Data, Documentation Required for HIPPA or other Compliance Standards, and much more.

A Continual Process of Discovery & Improvement
We work to improve our customer’s business technology solution but first understanding their requirements. We then typically conduct a ‘discovery’ to better understand and document the current environment. This discovery allows us to appropriately plan changes to the environment which have a higher rate of success resulting higher customer satisfaction because of quicker implementation time and less disruption. Once the changes have been implemented, we update the documentation while providing ‘hyper care’ support to ensure quick adoption of the new technology changes. The process starts over again via enhancement planning, annual discussions or when a new business technology requirement arises.

More Examples?
We would like to share more of our documentation but more mature and specific documentation becomes complicated, proprietary, and typically contains sensitive information that we would not otherwise be able to share in a public forum.

Please contact us if you are interested in seeing what we can provide for your business to ensure faster times to problem resolution, increase your business continuity and provide the basics for your disaster recovery planning.

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