Cloud Adoption

Moving your business utilities online.

Office Productivity

Office 365 for Business allows you to save money on software licenses and in-house support. Use all your important applications such as Excel, Powerpoint, Word, and Outlook, all from any PC and any web browser. Mobile devices are supported as well. We can assist you in a smooth transition from any e-mail and software licensing solution you are currently using in your business, saving you money in the process.

Office 365 Apps

Microsoft Azure

Robust Microsoft Server and Infrastructure Services

Microsoft Azure Logo

As proud Microsoft partners, we can help you leverage the ever-expanding service known as Microsoft Azure. Azure is a cloud computing platform with countless uses, many of which are outside the scope of small businesses, but many of which are the perfect solution for any of your needs. With it, you can:

  • Offload your in-house mail server
  • Backup all your business files and critical information and restore it
  • Create and manage your enterprise databases
  • Manage your business's PC domain
  • Launch your website and special services, such as a marketplace
  • Process information and data in large amounts off site
  • Protect your business and accounts with additional security such as 2 Factor Authentication

These are only a small, small portion of the things possible with Microsoft Azure. It has solutions for any business of any size, to meet their particular needs.